The Latest Home Staging Trends in Niantic, Connecticut

The Latest Home Staging Trends in Niantic, Connecticut

A 2021 study states that 82% of real estate agents said their clients could see themselves living inside a staged house.

Home staging prepares homes for sale by allowing people to see themselves living inside their would-be residences. One reason to stage a house is to emphasize the positive traits of your home while downplaying the negative.

Staged houses also provide excellent photos. Many homebuyers purchase homes online, so good pictures on realtor sites matter.

But do you know how to stage a home? The process requires more than a new coat of paint and cookies at the open house. There are certain expectations buyers will have in 2023.

Here are the latest home staging trends for selling or renting out your home.

You Have a Wider Color Palate

A few years ago, neutral tones - like white and grey - were popular wall color choices. Today, people want color. You can opt for bright reds and yellows to energize a room.

Consider cool blues to invoke a feeling of calm and relaxation. Choose a beige or chocolate paint as an accent wall so your space feels warm. Homebuyers want color; don't be afraid to give it to them.

Use these colors in accent pieces like pillows and vases. You can try colored cabinets and appliances also. Consider painted shelves and ceilings - they're attention-grabbing and draw the eye.

Use Curves, Not Straight Lines

Once, people would have told you, "Straight lines are how to sell your home!" Straight lines were modern and clean, which is what everyone wanted.

However, many homebuyers are currently into comfort core. Comfort core is about how your home feels, not how it looks. Soft edges and round shapes are what people want to decorate their homes.

Utilize curved architecture - like a curved fireplace or archway, and add soft and curved seating. Choose cornerless tables, organic-shaped accessories, and rounded rugs.

Get Back to Nature

The pandemic has fostered a love of nature in many people. It makes sense - the pandemic was when our yards were the only places we could go. Now, people want to bring the outdoors inside.

Try incorporating more rustic materials like stone and wood when renting out your home. Liven up your open house with many living plants and greenery motifs like organic-shaped furniture and earthy colors.

Be Dramatic

Gone are the days when minimalism was king. Today, people want boldness and drama. Consider a sculptural light fixture. Go for heavily contrasting colors and deep rich patterns and colors.

Something to keep in mind is home staging is about what homebuyers would want. Even if you're not into bold, dramatic designs, you must accommodate buyers when selling your home.

Home Staging Helps Properties Sell

More specifically, understanding home staging trends is what sells properties. An open house looks more inviting when you've catered to modern trends. There is, however, an art to staging homes - and selling houses in general.

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