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We are your trusted partner in real estate management. As a leading company in the field, we offer comprehensive property management and real estate brokerage services. Whether you own residential or commercial properties, we are here to deliver top-notch management solutions that utilize cutting-edge technology to keep you informed about your investments in real time.

At PMI East Lyme, our unwavering commitment is to provide outstanding customer service to our valued clients. We strive to maximize owner profitability while safeguarding your real estate investments. With our expertise, property management becomes manageable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the stress.

As a locally owned and independently operated office, we are proud to be part of a larger franchise that has revolutionized the property management industry for over two decades. Our global experience is a testament to the quality of service we bring to the local level.

Experience the PMI East Lyme difference and let us take the burden of property management off your shoulders. Together, we’ll achieve success in the real estate market.

Picture of Jason Archer, MBA
Jason Archer, MBAPresident & Owner PMI East Lyme

Jason Archer is a US military veteran who has been self-managing property for over ten years, holds an MBA in Operations Management, is the President of Experience Property Group, Inc., and the owner of the PMI East Lyme franchise. Prior to opening the local PMI office, Jason had dedicated his professional career to the service of others, both during his service to our country and in private business, as a leader in a Fortune 500 company. Combining formalized training with extensive real-world experience, Jason is now dedicated to building the local PMI brand and improving the property management experience for owners and investors.

Born and raised in Colorado, at 18 I joined the Air Force and served in Texas, Florida, Japan, and finally landed in New Jersey where I purchased a home and transitioned to civilian life. After bouncing around the east coast for work, I made the conscious decision to drop roots in East Lyme, CT. Over the past seven years, we have fallen in love with the area and community and opening a local PMI office was a no brainer. Doing so meant that I could serve, not only those who live in, but also those that invest in southeastern Connecticut. Being able to give back to the community in a meaningful way is important to me, and one way I’m doing that is by improving the way real estate services are delivered and improving the customer experience.

860.924.7878 jason@pmieastlyme.com
Picture of Randall Henderson
Randall Henderson Broker

Randall built and runs the comprehensive PMI Commercial and Residential Management programs, and continues to assist in the acquisition and management of over 60,000 mixed portfolio properties for PMI. A serial real estate entrepreneur, he has owned and operated many industry-related businesses in the areas of property management, realty brokerage, investment, and land development. Prior to PMI, Randall developed and taught a real estate lecture series, and was a sales trainer for a Fortune 500 company. Randall has a degree in mathematics from BYU, and currently holds a leadership position in a national industry organization.

Picture of Moses Villanueva, BS
Moses Villanueva, BS Lead Coordinator

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Moses Villanueva spent the past five years developing an impressive skill set in operations, sales, and marketing. Prior to joining the PMI East Lyme family, Moses demonstrated tremendous entrepreneurial spirt and co-founded a concierge service company that provides delivery and arrand services to clients. Moses helped grow that business to more than 10 employees’ before taking a less direct role in the company operations. Moses joins PMI East Lyme driven by his goal to learn more about real estate and may one day start his own real estate company.

As Lead Coordinator, Moses is responsible for directly coordinating all short-term guest coordination, vendor coordination, and maintenance coordination. Additionally as the Lead Coordinator he helps trains and onboard new team members to ensure they understand the PMI Way and receive the support they need.

860.924.7898 moses@pmieastlyme.com
Picture of Lisa Barclay
Lisa Barclay Residential Property Manager

Lisa Barclay is at the helm of PMI East Lyme's Residential team as the Residential Property Manager. With over a decade of extensive experience in property management, spanning both conventional apartment management and unique management environments, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

In her capacity as Residential Property Manager, Lisa assumes the responsibility of overseeing the team that manages maintenance, leasing, and the daily operational facets of our residential property portfolio. Her leadership plays an indispensable role in executing the PMI Way, setting the benchmark for excellence here at PMI East Lyme.

860.373.1566 lisa@pmieastlyme.com
Picture of Kei Morano, BS
Kei Morano, BS Residential Coordinator

Kei comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management and several years of customer service experience. Kei’s ability to analyze a situation and provide an empathetic solution to the problem will suite her well here at PMI East Lyme.

As Residential Coordinator, Kei is responsible for coordinating all aspect of our long term rental business, including but not limited to, owner onboarding, coordinating showings, lease coordination, tenant communication, maintenance coordination, and more.

860.222.9447 kei@pmieastlyme.com
Picture of Kiera Petersen
Kiera Petersen Short-Term Property Manager

Kiera joins our team with a strong foundation in hospitality services, honed during her tenure at one of the nation's leading hotel chains. Her background equips her with the skills to seamlessly translate best practices into the unique landscape of short-term rentals.

In her role as STR Property Manager, Kiera takes the helm in overseeing both our dedicated team of employees and our network of trusted vendors. She stands as a driving force behind the realization of PMI East Lyme's vision and the meticulous execution of the PMI Way, ensuring our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

860.501.7066 Kiera@pmieastlyme.com
Picture of Karl Lupaz, BS
Karl Lupaz, BS Short-Term Coordinator

Karl comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. After graduating Karl worked in Developing B2B commerce application/website and Client and Customer support. Outside of work, Karl loves to volunteer with his church and feels that between work and volunteer activity it gives him a great sense of balance in his life.

As the Short-Term Coordinator, Karl is responsible for coordinating all short-term bookings, guests, cleaners, maintenance coordination, and more!

860.348.5509 karl@pmieastlyme.com