3 Tips for Choosing Airbnb Management Services in Niantic, CT

3 Tips for Choosing Airbnb Management Services in Niantic, CT

Today, there are over 5.6 million active Airbnb listings around the world. Although many hosts decide to manage their property themselves, many use a property management service instead.

Hiring an Airbnb management service can be a great choice and can help free up your time and energy for other things. However, choosing a service that's reliable and great at what they do isn't easy.

Be sure to follow these three tips to choose Airbnb management in Niantic, CT.

1. Know Their Reputation

When evaluating an Airbnb management service, learn about its reputation. Look for opinions and reviews by current and past clients online to get a better feel for the level of service that they provide. You can usually find some reviews by searching Google or looking on directory websites such as Yelp.

You may also want to ask for case studies or references. Get the contact information of a few of the company's clients and speak with them.

If you can verify that the Airbnb service has proven experience and a track record of excellent service, it's a good sign. It can help you rest assured that you're choosing an Airbnb management service that will meet your needs and meet all the rules for Airbnb in CT.

2. Understand Pricing

Also, find out how much the Airbnb management service will charge.

Some Airbnb management companies charge a percentage of the nightly rate as well as cleaning fees. This percentage could range between 10-20%. Other companies operate on a fixed rate, so make sure you know what to expect.

While the quality of service should matter the most, you need to understand the costs so that you'll make a profit as a short-term rental investor. You may want to compare prices between a few different Airbnb property management companies to ensure a company offers a reasonable rate.

3. Ask About Services

When choosing an Airbnb management company, find out exactly what services they provide. Some Airbnb property managers will only manage check-in, check-out, and cleaning, while others offer more extensive services. You may want to look for an Airbnb service that can help list and promote your Airbnb and provide a lot of additional services as well.

Be sure to speak to the company to learn how they handle various tasks. Learn how they communicate with guests and how they resolve guest problems. Also, learn about their cleanliness standards and how they prepare a property between guest stays.

The more you can find out about their services, the better. Be sure they offer all of the services that you'll need.

Hiring Airbnb Management in Niantic, CT

If you want to leave your Airbnb in good hands, wisely choose an Airbnb management company to work with. Learn about a company's reputation, costs, and services before you hire them.

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