Vacation Rental Hosting Tips for a Five-Star Experience in Niantic, CT

Vacation Rental Hosting Tips for a Five-Star Experience in Niantic, CT

Have you always dreamed of hosting a vacation rental in Connecticut? Niantic, a village in the town of East Lyme, is the perfect place to begin your property management journey.

The process may seem overwhelming, but doesn't have to be. Here are some vacation rental hosting tips to elevate your guest experience.

Always Be Available

You should ensure your guests can contact you at any time. Be available through your phone, email, the booking app, or even in person if you live near your rental property.

Good communication is key to the perfect guest experience. You are far more likely to get positive reviews if you respond to messages promptly and offer to solve any problems your guests may have.

Ensure a Smooth Check-In Process

The check-in process is the first direct experience your guests will have. Therefore, it is vital that they don't have any problems accessing the property or settling in.

Provide clear instructions for how they can let themselves into the property. Make sure you know their estimated arrival time and plan to accommodate.

Even if you have a designated check-in time, ensure the property is available, especially if their flight lands early. They'll want to get off their feet and relax.

Offer a Local Guide

Your guests should know the beauties of Niantic and East Lyme, Connecticut. Give them a local guide to lead the way. This can include your favorite restaurants and activities, along with local tips.

Try putting the guide into a binder or notebook that you place in your rental property. Put it somewhere that is easy to spot, like close to the front door.

Your guests will appreciate that you go above and beyond to ensure they have a great experience while staying in Connecticut.

Provide Amenities

Anticipate the needs of your guests by stocking your vacation rental with amenities. Check them regularly or have your housekeeping team do a quick inventory so you never run out.

Providing basic amenities such as toiletries and hygiene products is a must. You can also offer coffee, tea, and snacks. Give your guests something unique that they can remember. They may include it in a positive review later on.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Even if you have vacation rental insurance, you still need to make sure your property is in good shape. Try to perform regular maintenance checks so that little problems don't escalate.

If you work with a property management company, they can take care of maintenance for you. This is one less thing you will have to worry about when managing a short-term vacation rental.

Use These Vacation Rental Hosting Tips

Are you ready to dip your toes into managing vacation rental properties? With these vacation rental hosting tips, you will be sure to provide your guests with a five-star experience.

If you want to work with an experienced property management company, look no further than PMI East Lyme. Contact us today to get started if you live in the Niantic, CT area.